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In other words, a dog’s mind may still be panicked, but his body may be rendered unable to react.Physically, dogs come in such a wide variety of sizes, breeds, and mixes, to say nothing of their individual temperaments, that dosing a particular dog with acepromazine remains a matter of trial and error.Why do household pets require such strong sedatives?For some skittish dogs, particularly in urban areas where construction, celebrations, or crowds tend to be large and chaotic but predictable, medication provides a reliably calming influence.

Lower doses are given for pre-operation sedation, but for other uses, vets tend to determine dosage by how a specific dog responds.What about acepromazine and other dog tranquilizers?Should prescription medications for humans be a first choice for relieving your dog’s anxiety, or a method of last resort?In the 1950s, a number of other techniques were fashionable in treating mental illness: things like trans-orbital lobotomies and electroshock therapy.Like those innovations, acepromazine soon fell out of medical favor as a treatment for humans.

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